New bk World opens in Schierling

Drivers of electric cars can look forward to the growing network of comfortable bk World stay lounges at fast-charging parks.

On the B15n, south of Regensburg and not far from the A93, bk World has opened its next location at a Tesla Supercharger Park. E-cars with CCS connections of all brands can be charged there. Those waiting spend their charging break in a lounge where waiting time becomes quality time.

New lounge variant

During the average 20-30 minutes of charging time, visitors can stay free of charge in the bk World Lounge and wait there until their vehicle is fully charged. In Schierling, they do this in the first bk World Mini Lounge. This is the smallest expansion stage of the bk World, which enables the expansion of charging parks even at locations with a small footprint. Nevertheless, the lounge offers the same amenities as its larger counterparts.

Attractive lounge with wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art vending machines with a wide range of snacks, drinks and tasty coffee.

Thanks to the lounge’s large panorama window, the vehicle always remains in view.

Around the clock

The bk World is open 24 hours and can be entered without separate registration. Thanks to automation and refrigerators with RFID technology, operation is possible even when there is no staff on site. The lounge is completely cash-free, payment is made exclusively by EC or credit card. In case of emergency, an emergency button inside the lounge allows direct contact to an emergency control centre.

Hot meals are also provided. Directly in front of the bk World is a pizza machine that bakes pizzas freshly within four minutes and dispenses them packaged. Hungry people can enjoy up to 6 different varieties at any time of the day or night.

bk World supports Share Happiness Foundation

With each new location, bk World supports the Share Happiness Foundation with a donation. The organisation builds hospitals and maternity wards in the mountainous regions of Nepal. The donation cheque was presented not only by the bk World management but also by the godfather of bk World Schierling. This is Andreas Geipl, professional footballer. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the opening of the lounge due to work commitments.

The mayor of Schierling, Christian Kiendl, was also present at the opening and found fitting words: “It is an honour that Schierling is becoming part of the mobility revolution with the opening of this bk World. It shows that our region in the southern Upper Palatinate is on the right track. True to the slogan: Advantage attracts”.

Plans for the future

The bk World will open more locations with lounges in Europe in 2023..

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