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At bk World, charging time becomes quality time. Located directly at charging stations for electric cars, bk World now offers waiting drivers a true waiting experience. Of course, sanitary facilities are available in the bk World and a comfortable lounge area invites you to linger. The serving of various products is fully automated. The food that can be purchased on site is healthy and fresh. When selecting the product portfolio, the planners deliberately avoided working with large corporations and instead focused on the attributes of regional and sustainable.

Small office corners for business discussions, a children’s play area to entertain the little ones, and a green environment turn a necessary stay into a welcome break.

Our guests can enter bk World without registration, free of charge and 24/7.

You can find our bk World locations on our website at www.bk.world/bk-world-standorte/

The refrigerators in bk World meet the latest and most modern standards. By holding the card in front of the payment terminal, the door can be opened – even before the desired items are selected. For security reasons, 30 euros are therefore reserved on the card, but NOT debited. The desired products can then be taken out. The refrigerator recognizes which products have been taken out and then debits only this amount from the account. The difference will be credited again.

Modern toilets are available in the bk World for a fee. Access can be paid contactless by credit card or with your smartphone.

We strive to offer the healthiest and freshest food possible at bk World. We are currently working on a product line around the topic of healthy food.

Our goal for beverages is to avoid the products of large corporations and to rely instead on regional or national partners.

The coffee in our vending machines comes from our partner Alrighty Coffee from Munich. The young company places particular emphasis on ensuring that the coffee is not only fairly labeled, but that the supply chains are truly transparent. The beans are sustainably and responsibly sourced, so that coffee cultivation creates a good livelihood for the producers. In particular, Women Led Farms in Africa are supported.

And our coffee is delicious too!

At bk World we have also thought of the little (and big) play kids. In our children’s corner, a Nintendo console is available to bridge the waiting time with fun games.

No, everyone can use our lounge and all services. All electric vehicles with a CCS connection can be charged at the charging points in Endsee and Füssen. Simply download the Tesla app, deposit your payment method and charge.

bk World Holding GmbH is a subsidiary of the bk Group AG. The company from the Bavarian Endsee has its competences in the field of shopfitting and technical facility management. Competencies that the founders Gerold Wolfarth and Marc Arnold are now using for bk World. Construction and operation can be implemented in-house and offer operators of charging parks an all-in solution.

The bk World consists of the so-called Qubes – modularly combinable and transportable room elements made of spruce wood. These meet the most varied of location requirements. If the signs change, the bk World changes with them. If a loading park grows, the bk World grows. Additions, dismantling or relocation of the Qubes are possible within a very short time. The smallest version of a bk World with a lounge area and sanitary Qube covers a good 50 square meters. There are no upper limits. Demolitions become obsolete and material waste is reduced. This adaptability of the bk World facilitates location decisions for loading bay operators and property owners.

The bk World is climate positive over its lifetime. This means that it offsets more CO2 than it consumes. This is made possible by an interplay of various structural measures and conditions. The solid lounge elements are made of spruce wood. This natural building material already has the ability to bind CO2. In addition, a sustainable insulating material is used in the bk World Qubes, which is not only ecological, but also positively influences the climate balance of the bk World through its properties: The Qubes are designed for all weather conditions. From the greatest possible heat in southern Europe to extreme cold in the north – the same climate awaits all guests in bk World. Heat loss or cold spells are impossible due to the massive insulation. A large part of the electrical consumers of each bk World is supplied with energy by the own PV system on the roofs of the Qubes.

There is no ATM available at bk World. All payment processes take place digitally and contactless by credit card, EC card or smartphone.

At bk World, we do not use cash at all. Everything is designed for contactless payment by EC card, credit card, or with your smartphone.

The prototype of our bk World in Endsee is not yet barrier-free. We can provide a ramp if needed. A lift is available at our other locations.

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