New bk World in Bernau is open

The bk World location in Bernau am Chiemsee opens just in time for the holiday season. The lounge complements the Tesla charging park on the A8 motorway and now allows guests to relax while charging.

New lounge in Bavaria

Located directly on the southern shore of Lake Chiemsee, the bk World Lounge complements the Tesla charging park in Bernau with a place to stay. Drivers of electric cars of all brands can charge their vehicles quickly at 15 Tesla Superchargers.

New Mini-Lounge Location

In line with the limited space available on site, in Rauenberg there is a bk World in the “Mini” expansion stage – consisting of one Qube. In this Qube, as in the larger lounges, guests will find a wide selection of snacks and drinks, coffee, seating and a modern toilet.

This means that the charging time can be spend in a relaxed and restful manner.

The on-site offer is complemented by a pizza vending machine outside the lounge, which bakes hot pizza around the clock in just a few minutes and delivers it packaged in a pizza box.

About bk World

Rethinking electric car charging with bk World! By combining innovation, technology, convenience and service, charging time at bk World becomes quality time. The innovative and hyper-flexible lounges at electric car charging parks offer guests a comfortable lounge with an exceptional selection of snacks and drinks as well as modern sanitary facilities. The bk World offers comfort and security around the clock. The lounges themselves can be deployed quickly, are transportable and can be customised to meet the requirements of different charging parks worldwide.

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