New location opens in Lindau

Just in time for Easter, bk World Germany is opening its fifth lounge location. This time at the Tesla Supercharger in Lindau, located on the A 96 motorway.  Drivers of all brands can now charge their electric cars directly at the “Lindau” exit and make good use of the charging time.

New location in the south of Germany

The location in Lindau is an important hub. On the one hand, it serves visitors of the Lake Constance region for relaxed charging, and on the other hand, it is an important charging point before the border for travellers passing through on their way to Austria.

20 Tesla V4 Superchargers are available in front of the lounge at Josephine-Hirner-Straße 6.

Founder Gerold Wolfarth on the new lounge: “I am delighted that we can now also reach the Lake Constance region with our fifth location and offer electric car drivers a great charging experience with a comfortable stay, tasty snacks, modern sanitary facilities and a pizza vending machine. The beautiful Lake Constance region is a perfect location for our lounge”

Largest expansion stage

In line with the expected frequency, in Lindau the largest expansion stage of the bk World Lounge is located. It consists of three individual room modules, known as Qubes, which can be set up individually, in pairs or in threes as required. Thanks to the hyper-flexible concept, bk World Lounges can be easily extended or reduced in size at any time, depending on capacity utilisation and requirements. The wooden Qubes are therefore the ideal green-field solution for charging park operators who want to offer their guests not just electricity, but that little bit extra.

About bk World

Rethinking electric car charging with bk World! By combining innovation, technology, comfort and sustainability, charging time at bk World becomes quality time. The innovative and hyper-flexible lounges at electric car charging parks offer guests a comfortable lounge with an exceptional selection of snacks and drinks, modern sanitary facilities, seating areas and a games console for young and old. The bk World offers comfort and security around the clock. The lounges themselves can be deployed quickly, are transportable and can be customised to meet the requirements of different loading bays worldwide.

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