Our Vision

Charging as Experience. By combining innovation, technology, comfort and tradition, we create a stayperience at bk World and turn waiting time into Quality Time. We create added value for the environment, people and commerce. Because we link regionality and modern charging infrastructure in a completely new way.

About Us

bk stands for baukreativ – build creative – that is our origin. And our future. Because bk World Holding GmbH is a subsidiary of the bk Group AG. The company from Bavarian Endsee has its competences in the field of shopfitting and technical facility management. These skills are now being used by founders Gerold Wolfarth and Marc Arnold to revolutionize electric car charging with bk World.

The idea for bk World was born during a charging stop in the middle of the night. Spending charging time in the car, far away from appealing lounging areas? There had to be a better way. The result is a sustainable lounge for drivers of electric cars, where waiting time becomes quality time.

The entire concept of bk World is thought from the user’s point of view. What do drivers really need during electric car charging? Of course, sanitary facilities are available in the bk World and a comfortable lounge area invites you to linger. The dispensing of the various products, such as food and drinks, is fully automated. The food that can be purchased on site is healthy and fresh. Small office corners, a children’s play area, and a green environment turn the necessary stay into a welcome break.

The bk World lounges are climate-positive over their lifetime. This means that they have a positive CO2 balance during operation. More CO2 is compensated than caused. The construction phase is also taken into account.

All bk World locations are equipped with a solar system on the roof, which supplies a large part of the electrical consumers. Thanks to solid wood construction using certified spruce wood, even the building material is sustainable.

In addition, an ecological insulating material with very high insulating performance is used, two-thirds of which is made from renewable raw materials. The efficient building envelope minimizes heat loss, and the ventilation system features highly efficient heat recovery and energy-saving fans.

Heat is generated by an air-source heat pump. Efficiency ratio 1:4. Using one kilowatt hour of electricity, we get four kilowatt hours of heat.

The bk World Qubes are also modularly combinable and transportable. This means that at the end of a lease period, the property does not have to be demolished and disposed of but can be moved to another location.


Electric Car Charging

The first bk World location is Endsee, right next to the Tesla electric car charging station and on the company premises of bk Group AG.

You can find 20 Superchargers, where electric vehicles can be charged with up to 250 kWh.

In the coming years, bk World locations will be established throughout Europe. This will make fast-charging electric cars on the highway as convenient and comfortable as possible for long-distance travelers.

Do you have a plot of land that would be suitable for the construction of a charging park and that you would like to make available? You would like to cooperate with us in another way? We look forward to hearing from you.