Opening Hours

Always there for you

  • The bk World is open around the clock
  • Access is free of charge for you
  • Enjoy the lounge 365 days a year


Then be sure to take a look inside. We want you to feel comfortable and safe at bk World. That’s why our Qubes are open for you day and night. You can always get a coffee or a midnight snack here. You feel unsafe? With our alarm button, you can get in touch with our call center, which can alert the emergency call in case of an emergency. 


Energy boost

  • At bk World we offer fair trade coffee
  • Enjoy your tasty coffee experience
  • From espresso to latte macchiato


At bk World, you can experience real coffee enjoyment thanks to sustainably and fairly produced coffee. Enjoy specialties from espresso or espresso macchiato to cafè crema and cappuccino to cafè latte or latte macchiato.

By the way, our coffee cups are compostable. But feel free to bring your own to-go coffee cup and help us avoid waste.

Snack Machine

Healthy pleasure

  • Fresh and healthy food
  • Organic drinks, also from the region
  • Fully automatic dispensing


Healthy and fresh food awaits you at bk World. From fruit and crispy yogurt to tasty salads, you’ll find a selection of snacks for your break while your car recharges.

You can open our refrigerators simply by holding out your credit or debit card. Take out what you want and pay only for what you take out.

Enjoy your meal.


Simply relaxed waiting

  • Comfortable seating
  • Best view of your car
  • Free access


In bk World you can simply make yourself comfortable on our large seating furniture and wait until your car is fully charged. At the same time, your cell phone can also be supplied with sufficient power at the integrated USB sockets. Is there a problem? Then use the emergency button to contact our control center.

Fresh Pizza

Pizza in 4 only minutes

  • 24/7 delicious pizza from the vending machine
  • Six different varieties
  • From margherita to salami


Whether for lunch, dinner or a warm snack while your electric car is charging – pizza is always a good idea!
That’s why we offer you pizza from the vending machine at the bk World charging park. This way, freshly baked pizza is available around the clock, so our visitors can satisfy their hunger at any time of the day or night. Try it out.

Sanitary area

Clean break

  • Modern sanitary facilities
  • Clean around the clock
  • Convenient payment by card


Our sanitary area is modern and clean. You can pay comfortably without cash by credit card.

Kids area

Best Entertainment

  • Games corner for children in bk World
  • Free game console 
  • Game fun for young and old


To make sure the waiting time doesn’t get boring for the little (and big) gaming kids, we’re offering a Nintendo Switch console at bk World where you can measure your racing skills.


Work instead of wait

  • Quiet office space in the bk World 
  • No disturbing noises
  • Enjoy the silence


You don’t have to write emails in the car with a laptop on your lap anymore. In the bk World, there are small soundproofed offices where you can make your video calls or business calls. While your car is charging at the Supercharger, you can power your cell phone inductively, via USB or power connection.